Thursday, December 4, 2014

Think about it Thursday

Do you post every card you make
or only the ones you like or love?
In the beginning days of my blog I posted almost
every card.
Put now I am much more critical of my own work
and only post the cards
I like.


  1. I usually post every card I make. I don't get the chance to get into my craft room as often as I like and I am not the fastest crafter. It takes me a while to make a card so even if I'm not happy with it, I post it. I figure that I spent that much time on it, I might as well share it. There have been some projects that I hated that had lots of repins on Pinterest, so you never know :) Have a wonderful evening my friend!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. I post every card too...if I dont like it, I tear it apart and redo it until it passes inspection. Not to say that I love everything I post though!

  3. I usually post every card I make

  4. I post every one. I don't make cards as quickly as some talented bloggers out there so I don't have the volume to skip. I try to post on my blog at least twice a week but sometimes that is a real challenge.

  5. I post most every card - I makes some for challenges and then I create some that I see fit a challenge and then post -

  6. I post every card but just this morn I did not like the way one piece of red glitter cardstock looked so I took that part off and cut another piece more to my liking. I do find myself critical of my work more now that I use to and that is a good thing because that means I'm wanting to get better and learn more.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  7. I post every card too. There are some I make that I definitely don't like but I just tell myself they can't all be gems!

  8. I pretty much post all the cards I make. I realized early on in my card making career that sometimes the cards I'm the most critical of are a favorite of someone. lol.
    I used to take photos of every card, set them up four on a page, print them out and added them to binders.
    Now my blog acts as my "binder". I also keep the photos on a external hard drive for safe keeping.
    Crafty hugs,

  9. I post every card I make weather I like it or not. It shows that I'm human and that not all my cards are perfect no matter how hard I try! :) And that no matter what.... What I might think is ugly is amazing to someone else.... :)


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