Thursday, April 2, 2015

Think about it Thursday

Doing some spring cleaning
including my craft room
wondering what is your best tip
for keeping your pattern paper scraps
under control?
Right now mine are all in a big bin
not sorted at all :(
looking for some inspiration to get them
under control....


  1. I keep mine in file folders color coded: red, blue, green, etc. Then when I need a color I grab the folder for that color and see if anything in there will work. I also have one for patterned paper that doesn't have an overall color theme but I usually try to just cut extra borders out of it to use on future layouts with that type of paper. Good luck!

  2. I keep mine in milk crates and drawers , everything is done by color prints are always in its own space for each holiday If I could I would send you pix of my room everything is marked and in it place. . Good luck but this works for me plus I am very OCD ..

  3. That's funny, considering the name of your blog! I keep my scraps separated by color. They are in regular file folders. I always check there first when making projects before cutting into full sheets of paper. They are in rainbow order, of course!!


  4. I keep mine in hanging file folders separated by color too

  5. I cut all my paper scraps down to a card base size and store them in a small shoe box! Carri~Abusybee

  6. I keep my patterned paper scraps with the paper pad, in a small baggie or envelope at the front or back of the pad. That way I don't have to go hunting them down. My solid paper scraps are sorted by colour and I keep those in a drawer.

  7. I store my scrap carstock in Ziploc bags with the regular same color in 12" x 12" plastic containers that I bought ar Michaels.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  8. I keep mine with the pad they came out of. If they are solid and larger than 2 X2, I keep them in file folders and file them from light to dark. Happy Easter Karen

  9. Great question. I have a dresser in my room-in the top drwer I put all of the cool color scraps, the bottom has warm colors. It is right behind my desk, so I can turn and grab what I need.


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