Sunday, May 15, 2016


Hi everyone sorry about the lack of the
Show it off Saturday Linky Party
been struggling with trying to decide to
keep it going or not.
So a few questions for everyone
I will pick one comment to send a prize to this week.

1. Do you prefer a challenge with a theme.
2. Do you prefer the easy of a linky party
3. What kinds of prizes do you like
4. What time frame do you like best
a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly challenge.
5. Do you enjoy seeing your work showcased or do
you just prefer receiving the prizes?

I appreciate your feed back and your
participation in the linky party
Thanks so much

Winner of the
May 7th show it off
Saturday Linky Party
lucky #

Can't tell you how much I love this gift box!
I have a daughter named Nicole she is turning
30 on Saturday boy does that make me feel OLD!
But I still see her as the cute little girl on your box
with pigtails. The colors and images on this box
are amazing. So adorable.

email me your address to
kfranciola @ ny cap . rr . com
take out the spaces and I will
get your ribbon in the mail to you.


  1. Congrats Nana! Yay for you! Honestly - I like your Linky party the way it is - The monthly one's I'm not a fan of - I also think your wonderful prizes are very generous - But if you wanted to change them up - maybe get a couple of sponsors for prizes - Just so it's not all on you - I know I've been missing my share of challenges - But I'm trying to get back into it - I tend to forget they're out there - But I'm getting better! :) And I think a THEME maybe once a month would be fun too - it'll change things up a little bit more - Some of the challenge blogs that have themes all the time I don't always participate in but I don't mind a once a month type of challenge to mix things up... Like 3 weeks of Reg. Linky party's then week 4 do a Challenge - Or The First Challenge of the month make a Theme.... then the rest of the month your reg. linky party.... Just ideas.... :) Enjoy the rest of your week!

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  2. Hi Karen! I have big plans to get back to joining in! Summer is just around the corner for my kids so I will hopefully have a few more evenings of craft time! I prefer themes, that gives me a kicking off point! Carri~Abusybee

  3. Congrats to Nana! Wahoo...super cute project! I like both the anything its fun to link up what you're currently working on and then a gain I enjoy a "themed" challenge once in a while to..more specific to your challenge! Your prizes are awesome but not necessary~I agree with Theresa, maybe find a few sponsors once in a while to take the load off you.
    I hope you don't go away from challenges..they are fun and I like seeing what others are working on as well~
    Sherrie k

  4. Hello, Karen. I'll be moving back home this week and will soon be joining your linky again. I can't wait to get back to crafting - it's been over 2 months and I miss it so much! I hope you still have your linky! Yours is one of my favorites because of the Anything Goes theme. Here are my answers to your questions...
    1. Theme - I love Anything Goes.
    2. Yes, I prefer the ease of a linky party.
    3. Prizes - I LOVE the seam binding ribbon that you award as a prize and you are always so generous to include little extras. It is a super exciting time when I win your prize! I am seriously not kidding.
    4. Time frame - I like weekly. I wouldn't change a thing.
    5. I love to see my work showcased - who doesn't?!

    I love your linky and I hope you continue it! If it's getting to be too costly in time and postage, then I certainly understand the need to change. I'm a loyal linky participant and will join in no matter how you change it!

  5. Forgot to congratulate the winner! Well done, you lucky duck!

  6. Congrats to Nana! Her box is very cute!
    I love your Linky party and anything goes theme! Missing from my side from last few days! Would love to join! And you can change once in a week as per theme too! I love your prizes and your ribbons are absolute gorgeous! But I can understand that shipping is very costly! So you can sponsor it! You can shiwcased the work too, I will love it!
    Thanks Karen! I love your fun challenges!

  7. I like your challenges & generosity. Congrats to the winner.
    1. Do you prefer a challenge with a theme. - I like a theme as well as Anything Goes. A theme makes it challenging in a good way. Anything Goes allows for a variety.
    2. Do you prefer the easy of a linky party - Prefer the ease of a linky party.
    3. What kinds of prizes do you like - the ribbons are wonderful
    4. What time frame do you like best a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly challenge. - any time frame is ok with me, mthly would lessen the # winners and lessen thecost for mailout of prize
    5. Do you enjoy seeing your work showcased or do
    you just prefer receiving the prizes? - I like to bee showcased as well as rcv prizes, bee-ing showcased can mean more than a prize
    I have been lessening the # challenges I enter so I can enjoy more in life.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  8. Congratulations Nana for your win - Happy Dance

  9. Hi Karen - here is my feedback regarding the chalenge
    1. Do you prefer a challenge with a theme. - I like the anything Goes [I am not fond of color challenges - I have difficulty getting all of those colors to work - that is me}

    2. Do you prefer the easy of a linky party - Yes

    3. What kinds of prizes do you like - your ribbon is fabulous! I like Stamp sets or die cuts - but I certainly do the Happy Dance when I win the ribbon package - they are lovely!

    4. What time frame do you like best - anything is fine - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly - I especially like there is a limit of one upload per challenge

    5. Do you enjoy seeing your work showcased or do
    you just prefer receiving the prizes? - Both -

    Thank you for asking for our input - have a blessed week!

  10. Oh Karen thanks for choosing my gift box this week. I had a blast making this little box. Now onto your questions.
    I have always loved your Show it off Saturdays. I love that it has always been Anything Goes. I like being able to submit whatever I'm currently doing. You gifts of ribbon are always so nice to receive. I don't know anyone who does not like to see their work shown off each week as the winner on your blog. I personally like a monthly with unlimited entries but that is just me. I do however understand if you decide to no longer host the Showcase. I know that Linky has had a substantial price increase making it more difficult for those who want to hose these linky parties that are not a company. I also know the time it takes to keep these going. I will still be a fan of your blog regardless of what you decide to do.

    Have a creative day.
    Hugs Nana
    ♥ My Crafting Channel ♥
    ♥ 2 Creative Chicks ♥
    ♥ Silhouette Challenges ♥
    ♥ Paper & Stitches ♥
    ♥ Sunny Day Crafting ♥

  11. Congrats to Nana!! I love your challenges, Karen!! I do prefer the Anything Goes because I don't have time to get into my craft room to just create, unfortunately. Everything I post on my blog is for a DT commitment (except for Tim's Tag challenge), and they usually have a theme, so that's why I love your Anything Goes...I can enter no matter what. I like the weekly but I do like every two weeks, too. That takes a load off of you, both time and financial. Prizes totally aren't necessary but I do love your ribbon. I love Theresa's idea of finding sponsors, too. Showcasing the work is nice but not necessary. I do hope you keep the challenges going but I totally understand if you need to stop. I hope you have a wonderful week my friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  12. Congrats to Nana for that adorable little gift box win. How fun that your daughter is also named Nicole, Karen...and I know what you mean about still seeing the little girl in your grown up daughter! I always love your linky party, and the ribbon prizes too. Here are my thoughts on your questions.
    1. Do you prefer a challenge with a theme. I love the AG aspect to your challenges, because it allows me to share what I've been doing lately but I also wouldn't mind a theme every once in awhile. The themes that I don't participate much in are ones that are very specific (such as Fathers Day, graduation...or a specific holiday that not everyone celebrates). Themes sometimes make me stretch a bit...and challenge me to step outside the usual.
    2. Do you prefer the ease of a linky party I'm not sure what the alternative to a linky party is but I love the way we can link up to your challenge now. I don't have a blog but it still allows me to enter your challenges.
    3. What kinds of prizes do you like. I love just about any prize except for digital stamps and cut files, because I don't own a computerized die cut machine or a printer at the moment! I always love your ribbon and the little extra goodies you often tuck in with them. Any prize is appreciated!
    4. What time frame do you like best. Weekly or bi-weekly is great. Even monthly would be fine...whatever works best for you.
    5. Do you enjoy seeing your work showcased or do
    you just prefer receiving the prizes? I love seeing the winning entry showcased...whether it's mine or someone else's! I especially love when you share your current project because your cards are always so adorable!

    I can imagine how much time and work the challenges involve, so would understand if you stop them, or go to a bi-weekly or monthly challenge. Taking some time off from the challenges would probably give you a little break too while you decide what you want to do. Either way, I will continue to follow your blog and enjoy your creations!

  13. Hi Karen. I love that your challenges are Anything Goes. Weekly or bi-weekly what ever is easiest to you. Your ribbon is awesome. I love seeing everyones entries and the winner's showcased. You must be so busy doing your challenges...I really appreciate them and I love your projects.

  14. Hi Karen,
    Congrats to Nana!Woohoo!I think you know by now that I am a huge fan of your challenges. I like that it is a anything goes but like Sherrie, I would enjoy a themed challenge once in a while.I think a bi-weekly/monthly challenges would be awesome and would allow you to take time for yourself as well.Finding sponsors would be a sweet treat but I absolutely love your ribbons.I agree with Lisa, showcasing the work is nice but not necessary.I do hope that you keep the challenges going but if you don't I understand.
    Hugs & Love

  15. Congrats to Nana! Love your linky Parties and am open to whatever works best for you. I am going to agree with Theresa and say it is good to have a theme sometimes but an open party for whatever you happen to be working on is great too. I hope you stay with it but completely understand if you don't and will always be a fan here. Prizes are nice and I always love what you send but a change can be nice too. love seeing the winner showcased whoever it is. Happy Crafting! ~ Eva

  16. Although I've been too busy to craft much this year, your blog is one of my favorites to visit because of your challenges. Any time frame for your challenges would still work for me. I love your ribbon and I've been lucky enough to win before! I love that you showcase your winners and that you do "Anything Goes". Whatever you decide I will still come and visit and participate when I can :)

  17. My sweet friend, you have been on my heart so much! It's ironic that I saw this post a few days ago when I was going to start playing along again... you were so generous in your goodies to me that I was afraid to win again instead of someone else getting your lovely ribbon. How silly is that? :/ In a nutshell, that encompasses all of my answers to your questions. I want to play along because YOU are the one hosting and I want to support you in all things. The frequency, prizes (or lack thereof to save money), or themes don't matter as much as enjoying your blog and the joy of playing along with fellow crafters. I will love any way you choose to run things... I just pray that you don't over-stretch yourself in terms of time or finances. You have long been one of the sweetest and most generous crafters I've known. Whatever brings peace and happiness to your heart is how I hope you choose to run your blog. And if you do decide to end your challenge, I'll simply leave extra trails of sparkly love on your regular posts. :o)

    Hugs and blessings,

  18. First off....I LOVE Nana's adorable little box! Just the sweetest thing ever!!! Congratulations.

    Karen....I love your fun linky parties. This has been a difficult month for me because of illness and family drama and so I haven't had anything to link up in May at all. Eeek!

    I love how you showcase the winning entry for the week. It's super-fun to see what others are doing and your comments are always so encouraging. I love your ribbon so much for prizes...but I adore the little extras. I don't do digis very much at all, so I prefer other things. But I would love just a hodge podge of your sweet die-cuts or bits and pieces as prizes. That would be easy mailing, too! :)

    I like the convenience of the linky party format. Inlinkx does have a free option where there are no thumbnails. I am all for saving money when we can! I love the thumbnails, but no one is going to complain if you switch to the other option with just the text links.

    Thank you for all the work you have put into your linky parties! I know it takes a lot of time and effort, but you are a dear for hostessing them. We all want you to do what ever you feel like you CAN do.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  19. I love checking out your linky party! Even though I am not a participant, because I don't have a blog or way to link in my card pics. However, I do like the themes to see how the participants interpret it! As far as prizes, I think anything goes! Stamps, dies, paper, ribbons, embellishments! Anything a cardmaker loves to use! I think monthly is adequate since everyone is so busy and that gives plenty of time for people to get their project done. And I do enjoy seeing the showcased winners!


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